“When Chris told me about “All Tied Up”, I went out and did it for someone and she burst into tears and hugged me at the end of it which has never happened in any magic trick in my entire career. What I love about this trick is on an emotional level it hits people in a gut place that makes it more than a trick. She said immediately, “Do it for my friend!” Her friend started to tear up. I think this can be one of the most powerful tricks you’ll ever do...”

-Steve Valentine

All Tied Up
begins as a psychological game, veers into an emotional exploration of your spectator, reveals itself as a card trick and then, in a powerful finale, becomes an act of empowerment that your spectator will remember for a long, long time.

The strength of the effect is all in its script, but Chris Philpott (with Steve Valentine) also go into details about the handling for both an impromptu version and one using a gimmicked deck (which you may already own). All the handlings are easy-to-do, so you can concentrate on performance.

Originally printed in Chris’ book Intimate Mysteries (“A must buy!” –Mark Elsdon; “One of the best books I’ve EVER owned!” – Stephen Young; “A major contribution to our art! - Neil Somerville), the effect in this video contains much more details on both handling and presentation.

Of all the effects I’ve come up with, this is the one I do more than any other. I have fried a room full of knowledgeable magicians with it and done it for friends who became very emotional when it was performed for them. If I have time for just one effect, it’s All Tied Up.” –Chris Philpott








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Note: An earlier version of this effect had a limited release in 2014, related to the promotion of Chris' novel.

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