Audiences love it when a performer does a shout out to their hometown. How cool would it be to do an effect all about the city you’re in?

City Monkey by Chris Philpott is a perfect way to do just that!

Everyone, no matter how much they love their city, also complains about it. In this effect you “hypnotize” someone into letting out their pent-up frustrations.

Cities can be expensive, smelly, dangerous and rat-infested and the sports teams always seem to choke. (I mean, they can’t all win.)

You show the spectator a card that says something nice about the city, such as "New York: It’s so Exciting!" But the spectator reads, “New York: it’s so Expensive!” You can show them a card that says, “Paradise for Real!” but they read, “Paradise for Rats!”

In the end, you restore the person’s love of their town. You can even show them a card that says, “I hate this city!” and they’ll see “I love this city!”

City Monkey comes with over 400 downloadable jpegs, ready-to-perform in 13 different big cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington.

And - it also comes with cards with a blank space where you can add ANY city.

City Monkey: powerful, engaging, funny and easy-to-do. Only available from magicaonline.com!


City Monkey - US $29


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