“Working with Chris Philpott is an inspiring experience. Not only do you get someone who has a brilliant 'trick mind' for magic and mystery, but also a professional writer and director, an expert within the world of film, who applies that theatrical knowledge to everything he touches. Chris helped me to see the moments that were important, that would touch an audience or expand their sense of wonder.
Sadly he’s just one man, and in great demand, so if Chris can make time in his schedule to work on your show, take my advice, DO IT!”
– Steve Valentine

“To take my show to the next level, I realized that my script could use some guidance and the first person that popped up in my mind, after hearing many positive things about him for several years, was Chris Philpott. The facelift he provided, not only in its structure and content but also as a creative provocateur, was with the knowledge and precision of a surgeon. He knows that subtle, small changes can have big effects and bring theatre to life - something I could not have done by myself.” – Rafael

Chris Philpott offers a wide variety of services to help magicians make their magic more powerful.

Chris has consulted, created and scripted effects for some of the world’s greatest magicians, including Derren Brown, Cyril Takayama, Steve Valentine, Rafael and two America’s Got Talent finalists. He has written and created effects for two shows for The Illusionists, including the Lionsgate co-production Now You See Me Live. When Dan Harlan (host of the Penguin lectures) was asked “On the topic of lectures, what’s been your most memorable moment?” Dan answered, “Chris Philpott. He brought the most dramatic presentations, things where you really cared about what was going on. Really, really smart thinking!”

Chris is also an award-winning screenwriter and director. Academy-Award nominated filmmaker Ron Shelton (Bull Durham) called him “a talent of the first order.” Chris has written for Lionsgate studios, Syfy, TNT, IFC and CBC networks.

Chris’ services range from brainstorm sessions, giving notes on a single routine or a full show, all the way to writing and directing a complete show. He works with professional as well as amateur performers.

If you’re interested, send an email to cwphilpott@hotmail.comand we can figure out what works for you.

* * *

“Over the years I’ve worked closely with Chris on my biggest projects. From my time on AGT, to Fool US, to selling and shooting a magic pilot for the Syfy network, Chris is an indispensable magic consultant and writer, not to mention his ability to come up with game-changing effects (and methods) that the world has never seen. If you’re looking to improve your current show or routines, Chris is the guy to work with.”
– David Blatter

“Developing my act with Chris Philpott as Writer/Director helped me bring my "A" game to the table. His tireless research into the many facets of narrative that drove my show, truly elevated all aspects of the presentation. Based on the audience reactions, I can confidently say that we caught lightning in a bottle.”

– Mike Elizalde

(Here are some of the reactions: “Run, don't walk, to the Castle to see Mike Elizalde. Absolutely amazing! A theatrical marvel!” – Jim Steinmeyer, Magic Castle President. “The best event in the Close-up Gallery I've seen in 55 years!” – Joan Lawton, Magic Castle Board Member.)

*Please note: these are not sleight-of-hand sessions – there are many fine magicians out there who are offering these right now including Jonathan Levit (jlevit@me.com), Tom Frank (tfrank8176@mac.com ), and Michael Rangel (rangelmagic@yahoo.com).








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