“One of the best tricks for virtual magic I’ve ever seen! Togetherness is the PERFECT way to create a true interactive experience for a virtual show! I LOVE THIS! A Zoom showstopper THAT TAKES PLACE IN THEIR HANDS! WOW!”

– Michael Gutenplan

For a limited time, this effect is available only to previous Chris Philpott customers, at a reduced price.


Chris Philpott’s Togetherness is a baffling, interactive and inspirational magic effect designed for Zoom about the invisible ties that magically bind us all.


Each person on the Zoom performance is mailed an envelope and instructed not to open it until the performance. During the show, they all open their envelopes together and they find five cards, each with a different word or two printed on them (for example, Flick, Burly, Eight, Peach and Eager). They turn their packet of cards face down and mix them so they don’t know which card is which. Everyone randomly selects one of their five cards and when told to, show them to the camera. Amazingly, when the words are read in order, they form a powerful message!

Togetherness can be used to reveal everything from a playing card, or a serial number to an inspirational message giving people a sense of connection just when they feel most isolated, such as this one (for a 5 by 5 grid):

The past / year / has been / hard / on everyone

But / something / magical / has / happened

There / are / invisible / ties / between us

We are / connected / even / when / apart

Because / though / many / we are / one!

There are many messages included, suitable for any size of zoom between 3 and 25 people. There are messages designed for team building in virtual meetings, casual calls between friends (“We may be apart but we always have one thing in common: Beer!/Wine!”), or for families (“A family is always together in our hearts”). There are some suitable for the holidays, but most can be used all year round.

Togetherness includes many words, including small but important ones (And, The, Has, Wow…) which you can use to make your own sentences. And, many more words will be added over the coming months -- plus, there will be a private FB page where we can share ideas and suggest words.

The effect includes workarounds, in case some people participating lose their cards or don’t show up. And best of all, due to some devious scripting and handling, the spectators never have the opportunity to examine the cards and figure out the secret!

This pre-launch offer is exclusively for Chris Philpott’s customers, and will not be available to the general magic community until sometime in 2021.

Soon, the price will go up to $70, but for a limited time, Togetherness is only $55! Once you've paid, we'll send you the dropbox link to the effect, scripting and instructions.


Togetherness (Pre-Launch Price): $US 55.00



*Note: the Togetherness graphic above is a photo-collage. Cards added by Chris Philpott. Original photos: Andrea Pi Acquadio, Ketut Subi Yanto, Ovia Danil Evich, and Polina Zimmerman. You can find more of their work at Pexel.

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