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What’s my name?
The 100th Monkey made personal.

One of the most important things you can do as a performer is to get them remember your name. This effect is perfect for that.

You say how hard it is for people to remember a performer’s name. To demonstrate this, you hold up a card with your name on it. A volunteer on stage reads it, looks away, counts to three and says the name -- he’s completely wrong! You can even repeat it -- every time the volunteer gets it wrong in hilarious new ways!

Harry Houdini might become Henry Huffle, Horace Hamburg, or Hildy Hombuti!

David Copperfield might become Danny Cosmolopolis, Digby Camembertti, or Derwin Cukucatchoo!

“What’s My Name?” can be done close up as well: you film a spectator trying to remember your name on a borrowed cell phone and when it’s played back, they see the word is plainly visible the whole time!

There are so many ways to present this effect: “If you enjoyed the show, please remember these words. If you didn’t...” “People ask me, if I have such amazing abilities, why hasn’t some government agency abducted me and performed unspeakable experiments on me? It’s because I have the power to cloud people’s memories.” “The average person knows the names of dozens of singers, hundreds of actors and... 2 or 3 magicians. I think it’s because magicians’ names are just very hard to remember...”

And while you’re making them laugh, you’re holding a card with your name right in front of them, making their memory of you stronger and stronger. If you invite them to film the effect on their cell, they’ll have a memento of you much stronger than a business card.

“What’s My Name?” is available exclusively to my customers as a thank you for supporting my work.

Custom 100th Monkey cards normally cost $75 each (in three light levels and with normal duplicate) or 3 for $150, but for a limited time “What’s My Name?” costs $49 for one card or $99 for 3. (I’ll teach how to put the 3 funny names on a flap card so that every time you open it to show the name, it will look the same to the audience and cameras, but different to anyone close up).


Custom Name Card - 1 Card - US $49.00


Custom Name Card - 3 Cards - US $99.00






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